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For anyone majoring in Linguistics/Languages, I have an important question for you....


So next year I will (hopefully) graduate from UCLA with a degree in Linguistics & French, B.A.

I have studied French & German at university & I went to Vienna for 3 weeks this summer & I used my German everyday & it was wonderful! =D

If anyone here has majored in (or plans on studying) linguistics or languages, what career options have you pursued professionally?

I have looked into MANY options & I sincerely considered being a constructed language creator because I made a language in my syntax class & it was super fun.

Currently I am thinking about teaching Persian ( I'm a native speaker ) & frankly I would like to know some options from you!(:

Thanks for the help!

September 22, 2017



The usual things people think of are teaching or translation/interpreting. If you're interested in those, there are post-grad courses too.

I also did French and Linguistics BA. I started off working in publishing because I got into proofreading in my last year. It was an educational publisher so I got involved in developing French teaching resources as well. Now I'm doing payroll for an international company - I got this job because they were looking for someone who speaks French. There are plenty of opportunities for speakers of a variety of languages here (doing all sorts of roles from customer service to accounting). So if you don't fancy teaching, translating or working in publishing, looking for an international company could be a good way to go.


That is a very good idea, actually! And... to use your words, I do fancy teaching! :) you have given me something new to consider! Merci beaucoup!


I teach my language to students from other countries, and I find it really interesting because I’m also learning a lot ! The good point is that you can keep the same job but in really different situations. For instance, last year I worked in a different country, in a scientific university, and now I’m teaching in junior school. You can also teach in a company, for specific purposes. Some of my friends also decided to help migrants in my country, with the language and everyday life.


That seems very noble indeed! Thank you for your response.


You’re welcome! To be honest, I have quite a lot of fun. I also think that if you teach Persian abroad, you would have very motivated students, because it’s not easy to find courses for this (and it’s not mandatory, so students who choose to learn Persian must really want to!). Also, I see that you have French in the list of languages you learn. If you want to practice, I would be glad to chat with you (it’s my native language, and the one I am currently teaching).


hello I replied in French but apparently we are not allowed to do that. my mistake. I am sorry I did not have a chance to read your response, but again thank you for the comment about potential job prospects with language :)


It seems that the main problem was sharing personal information (age). As, for the "forum is not a place for chatting", I don’t mind speaking somewhere else if I can find how to (I’m new to this website, I don’t know how the "discussion" thing works, and I also don’t want to share something personal like facebook here, to me it’s a lot more private than my age). If you know a place for that on the website and are willing to practice your French with me, you’re very welcome to send me a link! (I looked at the "club" rules and it seems like I can’t join from the computer).


As Aki guessed, the French wasn't the problem. It was that it was getting into casual chatting and the giving out of personal information. You two are welcome to exchange skype or Facebook. Staff changed things to allow that a little while ago. For my own conscience, I invite you both to read some Internet safety tips before exchanging either of those two forms of contact information. And, if you do share skype/facebook, I recommend deleting it from public view after receiving it. Please, stay safe. :)


Bonjour (selon l'endroit où vous êtes). Si vous êtes nouveau ici, consultez le [FAQ] (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8000024). Il a un lien vers les Principes directeurs de la communauté ainsi qu'une promenade à travers de dos et donts pour l'utilisation des forums.

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Merci et bonne chance avec vos études! ^ _ ^

Good morning (depending on where you are). If you are new here, please check out the FAQ. It has a link to the Community Guidelines as well as a walk through of dos and donts for using the forums.

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Thanks and good luck with your studies! ^_^

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