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  5. "Dražší motorku neměli?"

"Dražší motorku neměli?"

Translation:They did not have a more expensive motorbike?

September 22, 2017



They did not have more expensive motorbike, do they?


That would be more like Draží motorku neměli, že?


You are right, depends on the context, of course, but:

Dražší motorku neměli - oznamovací věta. They did not have a more expensive motorcycle - a notification sentence

Dražší motorku neměli? - tázací věta. Did not they have a more expensive bike? - Interrogating sentence.


Yes, I think I see your point.

The English question is perfectly fine. It's a 'declarative question.'


Can anyone explain me why do we put "they" on the first place when this is an interrogative sentence?


"Didn't they have a more expensive motorbike?" is also accepted, and that would be the standard word order for a question. But often, in everyday speech, questions are indeed asked in this less formal way.

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