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how to progress to next level?

I'm stuck at the moment. Just completed all the subjects and passed all checkpoints to reach the end of the skills tree, whilst collecting many XP points to reach level 18.

How do you then step up to the next level without having to repeat all the subjects again starting with the very basic common phrases and animals etc? Or do you have to do this !!

Would appreciate some help here. Thanks.

September 22, 2017



May I answer in French?

Si tu t'ennuies (et je suis d'accord avec toi, c'est ennuyeux de retrouver sans cesse les mêmes phrases) essaie de faire l'arbre inverse (apprends l'anglais comme si ta langue maternelle était le français), beaucoup d'élèves font ça... et en plus, tu vas ajouter un joli drapeau tricolore à ton palmarès. Et comme tu as déjà le niveau 18, tu pourras prendre les raccourcis et vite grimper les branches de ton nouvel arbre.


Noooo that cannot be.... having to start from the basics! Is this the only way to progress to the next level? Yeah, tres ennuyeux! I might try what you suggested ....but I'm not after more flags , just be very good at one. Thanks for your reply.


Fortunately, there is a less annoying method
"Best Way to Make Your Tree Turn Gold and Stay Gold"

For more tips, read the comments in this discussion


Thanks for the links. It does confirm what I thought ..... that there's no more. Boo hoo... I've just started the reverse tree although I find it silly when I have to speak in English . And I don't like the accent . But I'll persevere.


that there's no more

Of course there is more. Even in level 23 and 21 I still get new words and more difficult sentences every week, if I am strengthening in according to the method in my first link.

I find it silly when I have to speak in English

Yes, it is.
You can turn off the microfoon and sound in your settings, then you will not get the speaking and listening exercises

And start all the other actions I mentioned in my comment in my second link.
You only will learn French, if you practise it in Duolingo's French discussion forums and outside Duolingo.


Thank you for your advice and encouragement.


And, you can visit, sometimes, the french forum of discussion, you will have many occasions to exercise your french.


Just don't cling too hard on Duolingo, it's not bad for what it offers but you have to move on to something more advanced at some point.
Personally I think it's a waste of time to reach level 25 (I would say you should stop Duolingo at around level 15 maximum depending on the density of the tree - if you feel like you can move on earlier it's even better) as you are just reviewing things instead of progressing. Note that if you tackle more advanced material you will keep strengthening the basics things you learned before as well.


A very good analysis. Well said! My sentiments exactly, that 's why I am not continuing on with it. Level 18 will be my max. I am learning from many other sources but I find DL is most addictive. Will have to wean myself off it .


.... but I find DL is most addictive

I agree with you.
That's why I have started to learn a second foreign language (German) from my first foreign language (English) and its reverse tree. In Duolingo this is called "laddering".
And I try to improve my English writing skills by reading and writing in Duolingo's discussion forums.


Duolingo is designed to allow beginners to start from scratch and reach the minimum level required to consume native French content.

The next step is to go to Youtube and watch tons and tons and tons of videos in French.

Documentaries, lectures, podcasts, vlogers, let's play, news, everything and anything. It depends of your interests.

At first, you can use the Youtube subtitle search filter to only find videos with subtitles (in French) to help you follow what is being said. Over time, you will make progress.

If it's your first foreign language, you need to realise that a very important skill to learn is to follow a text/video despite not understanding 100%. The best learning happens who you know 75% of words. With the context, you get an intuition of what the words mean. By hearing the words again and again, you intuition gets better without you realising it. You can use a dictionary like http://www.wordreference.com/fren/ to find the accurate meaning of words.

Documentaries are the best thing for beginners as it is very easy to understand the context as you have the video behind it.

You will also learn the French culture over time, by seeing the topics that Youtubers often mention, by hearing public intellectuals speaking on, by hearing about politics and so on.


Thank you for your wise words.

Now that I have reached my chosen maximum level, I too, agree with your opinion of going to the next stage outside of DL.

However, I'm having fun doing the reverse tree as suggested earlier, but imo this is not the most efficient way ( timewise ) to advance further for an English speaking person. But still fun, nevertheless.

That's a great tip about the Youtube search filter, I didn't know this.

You certainly learn much from such chats as this. You all have been most helpful. Thanks!


As I often say in other comments, when you learn a language (or anything else), you learn patterns on top of patterns.

You can learn a lot even without understanding what is being said at first.

Sounds > Sound combinations > Word roots > words > combined words > expressions > sentence structure > complex sentences.

Duolingo and most learning methods have a tendency to make you start at the word level, you only learn the first 3 layers as a side effect.

Normally, you learn a language from the bottom, first you understand the melody, then the meaning!

So don't hesitate to watch hours and hours of videos on Youtube with people speaking even if you don't understand everything. If you play video games, don't hesitate to put it in the background. There is a lot to learn simply by hearing without understanding.

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