"You all drink water."

Translation:Voi bevete acqua.

March 12, 2013

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shouldn't "tutti bevete l'acqua" also be correct here? Correct me if (and why) i'm wrong? I think the "all" is misleading in the english version, it would be more clear if it just said "you (plural)" or something...


Did you try with "Tutti bevete acqua"?

Anyway, yes, they use here pretty often (but not always) the "you all" thing... but I also like the sentences to be ambiguous, so people can grasp the differences between the languages. :D


If we keep on this way, we'll finish all drowned.


i thought that it would be tutto not tutti


As there is no context here, may be they use "You all" in place of simply "You", because other way using only "You" is ambiguous in this sentence, i.e. it could mean the "You" singular or the "You" plural.


I don't understand how to distinguish between voi and tu


"Voi" is saying "you" to more than one person, it is plural. "Tu" is saying "you" to only one person. I don't know how else to explain it... It is easier for people who speak spanish because in spanish they have "tu" and "ustedes". (Ustedes is the plural). Sorry of I confused.you more though


No, I get it. English isn't my mother tongue. There are plurals in Bangla as well. Thanks!


what's the difference between tutto and tutti?


why wouldn't loro be correct here too? edit: n/m, i realize my stupid mistake now. for some reason i thought loro was the formal 'you' but apparently it's only third person plural?


Loro means they


How do i use bevete beviamo and bevomo? If i said all that right


Each is a for a different pronoun. (I.e: beviamo=we drink)


How different Tu, voi, Tutti,??... it all is you?... in English use only one word for "You "...


How different Tu, voi, Tutti,??... it all is you?... in English use only one word for "You "...


Hello Iwatoku :) TU = you, for 1 person, familiar situation. Ex : you are my sister VOI = you, for 2 or more people (2nd pronoun of plural) LEI = you, for 1 person (male or female) formal situation. Ex : You are my new friend here, on Duolingo. (3d pronoun of singular) LORO = you, for 2 or more people (formal situation)

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