What next?

Hi! Can anyone tell me what language to do next!?

September 22, 2017


Nobody can tell you that. Learning a language can be a long process that takes a bit of dedication and you should learn what you are interested in. Whether it’s a cultural interest such as music or literature, wanting to travel to a place, having ancestors from somewhere or a friend who speaks a different language, all of these can serve as motivators to learn a language. And you need a motivation, which is most of the time going to be a personal matter. I could tell you how much fun I’m having learning xyz language, but I have my reasons for it and they are almost certainly not going to apply to you. If you can’t think of anything, at least discuss the question with your friends and family. Since they know you, they might be able to give you better advice than some random people on the internet.

If you can put up with the ads and are looking to pass a little time and get an opinion that probably has very little sensible basis behind it: (I get Mandarin) (I get Hindustani)

In fairness, I would quite like to learn either of them, and the suggestions are reflective of the answers I gave , so maybe these quizzes aren't too bad at identifying from your likes and dislikes etc what language and culture might interest you.

That's weird, I got exactly the same. And I'm not terribly interested in either. Take the result with a grain of salt.

Whatever one you want to learn! :) if it interests you, go for it!

whatever language you want. Personally i'd sugguest a language similar to italian like spanish so it's easier, but you don't have to if you don't have any interest in it. You could learn a language completely different if you feel like it, like japanese/korean (currently mobile only) or the soon to come chinese course. I wish you the best of luck, whatever language you choose!

well it's not really up to us but I can recommend Japanese and Chinese I've heard they are really good and my sister studies them and says they are AMAZING

You should do Spanish next, it is the second most popular language it will pay off if you do ,cause a lot of people speak it. Or German it's so fun to at least.

I think it depends on usefulness. That's why Spanish is such a common learning language (at least, in the USA)

Thanks for all of the info

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