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  5. "너무 신 과일"

"너무 과일"

Translation:Too sour fruit

September 22, 2017



"A fruit that is too sour" is what I writ, but it should be right, right?

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"A fruit that is too sour" is now accepted.


I would say so. I reported it.


Couldnt this also just be "very sour", and therefore not necessarily with negative connotation?


너무 has a negative connotation. If you want to say very sour, you say 아주 신


No way. 너무 is used just as often in a positive sense. That may not be what a dictionary or textbook says but living in Seoul, I can promise you that's how it is used.


Forgive me for speaking in general. Yes it can be used in the positive sense, just like in English. I never said otherwise.


So in what context is 너무 negative? I've heard koreans use it in a positive fashion, for example 너무 귀엽다. Would that be considered incorrect by linguistic standards, or is it similar to "Aww, that is just too cute".


You're exactly right! I would say more often than not (so every time besides the type of situation you gave) it's something like 너무 매워 (it's too spicy), 너무 비싸 (it's too expensive), 너무 더워 (it's too hot), 사람이 너무 많아 (there are too many people).


I think 너무 just means "very". Like an amplifier word.


This was true long ago, now it's used in positive context too.


Why is "a fruit too sour" marked wrong?


Probably because there would be an extra word for 'too' but idk


Correct solutions have to be manually entered. So, the reason why it was "marked wrong" is because it simply hasn't been added yet. To request to have a sentence added, click on the "report" button after answering, and then select "My answer should be accepted".

@Cici, not true. "너무" can be translated as "too" in this sentence. The "extra word" you are talking about here is "a", but it's not incorrect - Korean doesn't have a word for "a", so in most cases it's optional to translate the sentence with the word "a" or not. In this case, it can be translated with "a" and would still be correct.


The english translation is not proper english. It sounds very awkward and no native speaker would say that.


Yes but that is just duo, it comes up with weird sentences that don't always make sence. But I do agree, I would never word it like this.


Is said very sour fruit and they gave me wrong


That english grammar tho


I put "A really sour fruit" but it was marked wrong. Did I miss anything?

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What about "tart" instead of sour?


Couldn't write a proper sentence, I tried fruit tastes too sour because I didn't have any other verbs...

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