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"The tree was similar to the trees that grow in our garden."

Translation:Ten strom byl podobný stromům, jež rostou na naší zahradě.

September 22, 2017



Sorry, but the answer using "ktere" instead of "jez" should have been accepted. In Czech "jez" is just more bookish (formal) synonym of "ktere". I also think that preposition "v" should have been accepted as well as the preposition "na" in this sentence.


Fixed now.

Please use 'report a problem -> my answer should be accepted' next time.


Ten strom byl podobný stromům na naší zahradě. ?


What is your question?


My guess: Your English sentence does not account for jež rostou in the Czech sentence.


Why is the dative used her for stromům?


because podobný requires dative


Bit confused by the sentence order again - I thought verbs normally should go at the end of the sentence, so why isn't the second half of the phrase "jež na naší zahradě rostou"?


we have many different word order rules and preferences, but ending with a verb is not one of them.

if you end with "rostou", it sounds like "The tree was similar to the trees that grow in our garden (not the ones that are just stored there).


Or those that do grow unlike those that fail to grow there. (If we mentioned some that fail to grow in our garden.)

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