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  5. "The man cannot tie a tie."

"The man cannot tie a tie."

Translation:남자가 넥타이를 못 맵니다.

September 22, 2017



Is 매요 incorrect here? I had to put 맵니다


매요 is an acceptable answer as well.


What about “남자가 넥타이를 맬 수 없어요.”?


I think you can, as long as you know the difference between the 2 expressions:

ㄹ 수 있어/없어 --> impossibility, incapacity

그는 인내심이 없기 때문에 넥타이를 맬 수 없습니다 He can't put on (incapable of putting on) a tie because he has no patience

못 --> inability, negation, prohibition

그는 수영장에서 넥타이를 못매다 He cannot wear a tie in the swimming pool (= he is not to wear one).

그는 오늘 티셔츠를 입서 넥타이를 못맵니다 He wears a T-shirt today so he can't/doesn't put on a tie.


It makes sense to me,

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