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  5. "학교에 가는 길이 길어요."

"학교에 가는 길이 길어요."

Translation:The road to the school is long.

September 22, 2017



"The road going to school is long ", should be accepted, right?


I would expect that to be correct.


It is accepted now


The way to school is long.... Should be acceptable


It is now accepted


너에게 가는 길은 꽃길이 되고 — The road to you becomes a flower path~

아주 Nice by Seventeen~


"The long road to the school" wrong why?


Why "The school road is long" wasn't accepted?


The literal translation is: "The road (that) goes to school is long."


wouldn't it suffice to say "학교에 가는 길어요" or "학교에 길른 길어요"? what are we specifying here?


The confusion might be in the similarity between the subject and verb: 길 (road/way), 길다 (to be long). The sentence is specifying that the way itself is long. You can shorten it like this 길이 길어요 (the road/way is long). However since we want to specify which road is long, we have the part at the beginning. 학교에 가는 길 (the to-school-going road).


Ahh, right! I think i would be less confused if it was written 학교에가는 길이 길어요. How do you normally write this type of sentence in korean? Even though you combine you keep the syllables separated?


There was a Korean movie i watched called "Way Back Home" and in its name they were seperated (잡으로 가는 길). So that can be a good way to remember the rule :) ( By the way the movie was a nice one, I'd recommend it ;) The plot was sad though..)


You only connect the particles and their respective words. That's why there's a space between 학교에 and 가는. This is a tricky part of Korean grammar, putting the description of the noun behind the noun.


My answer is "The way to go to the school is long", and it was wrong


My answer is "the way to go to the school is long" and it's wrong


Maybe, kind of, sort of...depending on which way you from:

학교에 가는 길은 길어요.

학교에 (to school) 가는 (that goes)

길은 길어요 (the road is long).


The road ( 길은 ) that goes ( 가는 ) to school ( 학교에 ) is long ( 길어요).

The road that goes to school is long.


Why is "The long way to school" wrong?


This is a full sentence with adjective. There is no verb in your answer.


"The road that leads to the school is long" should be accepted


手前は학교が싫어でしょう?だったら学校に가는 길이が길다と思うんだ? (just ignore me)


the structure of this sentence is kinda confusing me. does it make sense if it was like this instead: 길이 (SUBJECT) 학교에 가는 (OBJECT?) 길어요. (VERB) the road - going to school - is long


But the Duo-supplied prompts in the exercise expressly say "to the school," as above, yet the correction insists on "going to the school." The correction system is not to be trusted. The "teacher" does not understand English well enough, either, besides being given to silly pedantry.


Chill out, my dude, these things take times to perfect. Mistakes happen.

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