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  5. "Tady už jsme byly!"

"Tady jsme byly!"

Translation:We have already been here!

September 22, 2017



Wait why can jsme go in the third position here?


"Už" is an impressively flexible inconstant clitic. When it is used as a clitic, it can go in the fringe of the clitic cluster (its end), or it can go all the way in the beginning of the cluster. The mid-cluster positions are more unpredictable.

Would you like to read more about this? Be warned: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/38369227.


I have answered as "Tady už jsme byli" but I am being told that byli is not correct. Is there an audible difference between byly and byli?

I attempted to report my answer as valid, but that is not a choice I'm being offered.

Thanks for all of your help. You guys are the best.


There is no difference. I suppose that it was a listening exercise...there are some issues with them, unfortunately. I've disabled them for this sentence now.


could I had already been here be also acceptable. I had put in we were already here. it was accepted as another version to we have already been here. BUT the two sentences have a differnt meaning . If the past perfect is also correct then I can understand that.


I do not understand. What exactly was not accepted? You certainly cannot use I, it must be we.


I put in we were already here.. was accepted as an alternative to we have already been here. But I don't think both sentences mean the same thing... whereas .. we were already here .... could be colloquial for we had already been here. so my question is if we had already been here is also an alternative answer.


I will add the past perfect. Czech now uses just one past tense.


Mine was a listening exercise. The male voice spoke the sentence. I wrote "Tady uz jsme byli". It was not accepted, and "byly" was offered as the correct verb. Yet in a comment below, Endless Sleeper says there is no audible difference. So, what up?


There is no audible difference in Czech, it is a purely orthographical difference. The right course of action is to report these sentences so that the audio exercise is disabled.

What actually happened that the introduction of the new voice re-enabled all those exercises and we had no free time to go through all of them again. Bugger.


Thanks. And now VladaFu, since we are talking about the new voice, tell us. Is the new voice you?

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