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"Only yellow and brown refrigerators are left."

Translation:Ledničky zbývají jen žluté a hnědé.

September 22, 2017



I answered like this, "Jen žluté a hnědé ledničky zbývají". Why is the word order wrong?


It's not wrong. It's accepted variant of translation nr. 100.


It appears there is a stray period in that variant though. My answer was "corrected" for a typo to:

jen žluté a hnědé.ledničky zbývají.


The words order in this one is really confusing. :(


Why is 'Jen zbývají žluté a hnědé ledničky" wrong? Does it sound unnatural?

A correct answer was given as "Již zbývají jen žluté a hnědé ledničky". What is the difference in emphasis/meaning between this sentence and the standard translation given, "Ledničky zbývají jen žluté a hnědé"? Is the latter emphasizing colors and the former emphasizing refrigerators?


Is "Lednicky zlute a hnede jen zbyvaji" also possible, out of the 100? : )


Um... no. My guess is that it's because jen is modifying the subject, not the verb, in the exercise sentence. If I'm right, it would be like the difference between "Only... refrigerators are left" and "... refrigerators are only left" in English. And if I'm wrong, one of the Czech natives on the team will tell us. :-)


Yes, you could use it when telling that other colours sell well, but yellow and brown ones only sit in the shop.


I'm not sure from your comment whether the OP's suggestion should or shouldn't be added. But if it should, it would probably be safer for someone other than me to make the changes to this one. :-(


No, it should not.


Okay thanks. So my answer is more likely "Only yellow and brown fridges are still left."


@horsthartm2 No, not really. It is not a good Czech sentence but if it is anything, it is more like. Yellow and brown fridges are only staying here. (instead of being sold)

The only is coupled to the verb. The only thing they are doing is staying.

Perhaps someone can think of a better translation with a different verb.

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