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Duolingo won't add friends

I tried adding my friends and following them but every time I refresh the page it says I didn't. I tried both on the mobile and desktop but nothing works. They added me fine but for me, it doesn't work.

September 22, 2017



Mmm same thing was happening to me. The next day tho I'm pretty sure all the friends I added that didn't show up before were there on my following tab....


maybe they will show up later- sometimes that is what happens when I do lessons. I do not know why.


it might be a bit slow sometimes so maybe in a few days it will work.


I wonder why Duo has deleted like all of the discussions I start like that one, and they let others keep them??


I doubt Duolingo deleted them. Particularly with the latency issues lately sometimes discussion pages won't open (or potentially things you've thought posted actually didn't). Save a link to a discussion you start if you're concerned. They can also disappear b/c of accruing 5 downvotes. That's not Duolingo; that's users probably deeming your discussion to have been in the wrong forum or repetitive. Such posts aren't deleted, but you would need a link to access them: either an e-mail, a notification, or a bookmark.

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