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  5. "Dobrou noc, a děkuji!"

"Dobrou noc, a děkuji!"

Translation:Good night, and thank you!

September 22, 2017



I think getting the words correct is most important. I got an incorrect answer because of punctuation even though the words themselves were correct.


Punctuation should be ignored, you might get a tip of proper one. They evaluating system is a computer though so who knows what is going on in his brain or lack of.


Can someone please explaim to me , why it's "Dobrou" noc , but "Dobry" den?


"noc" is feminine. "den" is masculine. For example "good food" is "dobré jídlo" because "jídlo" is neuter.


Why is it not dobrá noc if it is feminine?


Because it's the accusative case (taught in later skills). It's short for "I wish you a good night", where "dobrá noc" is an object, hence "dobrou noc".

This is not visible in e.g. "dobrý den" as masculine inanimate looks the same in accusative as in nominative.

You seem to be learning German, so: it's the same principle as why "Guten Tag" has an "-n" ending on "guten".


I was wondering the same thing, thank you for the explanation.


The comma shouldn't be there. We don't write the comma ahead of A.


I have problem with thing because i write "good night, and thank" its correct for me. For i dont write "you" in the finish is incorrect u.u


I cannot decypher this, sorry.

Perhaps it took thank as a typo of thanks.

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