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Any Linguists?

Hi everyone, I am studying for my M.A. in Linguistics at CSUF. Any fellow linguists here wanna say hello? Anybody using Duolingo, or other methods, to study L2 adult language acquisition?



September 22, 2017



Hello! I am in middle school but I want to be a linguistic anthropologist so I want to study linguistics one day. Kinda random but I just love how many people on Duolingo love languages like I do. Good luck by the way.


Thanks, Snail Dude! By the way, the word "dude" is very common where I come from, that being California. There are some great books out there on the subject of historical linguistics, which has a lot of crossover with your desired field. Good luck!


Hello! I am majoring in Linguistics & French! I will get my degree next spring from UCLA. Honestly Duolingo, and language classes at ucla and going to Austria ( to practice my German) , has been the most beneficial! :)


Oh awesome! I live in Bakersfield, which is not too far to the north! I'm currently, however, commuting to Fresno State twice a week. It gives me the time I need to get caught up on my podcasts.

What got you interested in Linguistics?


To be honest, my interest stems from a cultural perspective. I loved growing up in California because there were so many different people and languages and cultures. Being bilingual myself, I really was curious about language and its evolution in general! My favorite subjects in linguistics are phonetics and phonology and morphology. Semantics is interesting but syntax to me is so terrifying oh my gosh lol. It's very logical and analytical which isn't my speed. The only reason I got a B in my syntax class was because my teacher liked my constructed language LOL


Hi Jeremy, so glad, I saw your post on "Discussion" board. Although not officially a linguist, but I have been working for quite some time as one (based on many years of language teaching experiences I have accumulated in a few languages). I would be delighted to open up a dialogue with you sharing our experiences as well as our future plans and ambitions in linguistic sector and market place. If you don't mind I start following your course on "Duolingo" and would like to ask you to do the same, Thx.


Hello Cyrus! I am interested to learn more. I clicked "follow" on your profile page. :) Tschüss!

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