"You speak English better than Czech!"

Translation:Ty umíš líp anglicky než česky!

September 22, 2017

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Hello, dear Duolingo, since I am from Czech republic I know how to write the sentence correctly. You have it wrong. The expression "Ty umíš líp anglicky než česky!" is informal, because "líp" is a slang term. The correct term is "lépe". Otherwise, I need to point out that "Umíš lépe anglicky než česky!" is correct as well since in Czech you don't always need to include the subject if it is obvious from the form of the verb. Thank you for your time and please be so kind and fix it.


I do not think so. Neither does Ústav pro jazyk český České akademie věd.



But he still have a point for that you can ommit "Ty" and the sentence still makes sense. :-)


Sure, but that has aways been accepted.


I've asked this before, but it's still unclear for me when to use the - cky nebo - tina forms of languages. Přeložit v angličtině, ale mluvit anglicky. What was the rule again? Or are the verbs leading and needed to be remembered?


I met this in a Quiz (a tile choosing question). I had not come across "umís líp" before but recognised the 2nd person suffix. However I omitted the "líp" in my answer. I would have been inclined to use the verb "mluvit" but it was not on offer. I would welcome a comment


These sentences are pretty idiomatic. Therefore, we cannot strictly say that "you know" is strictly "umíš" and "you speak" is strictly "mluvíš".


Thank you. It is somewhat similar in English. But where does líp fit in?


Thank you again. I should have known!

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