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"small animal"

Translation:malé zvíře

September 22, 2017



the correction given is zvířátko which I have never seen before


Malé zvíře is the main translation but zvířátko is what any Czech would actually use. Czech has a passion with diminutives. Instead of saying "small this or that", we use a single word in diminutive form to describe it.

Dítě = děťátko Holka = holčička Chlapec = chlapeček Pes = pejsek Kočka = kočička Dům = domeček Auto = autíčko

and I can go forever.

Small Czech kids usually use diminutives before they even use their "regular" counterparts.


Thank you for the useful information! I wonder why that isn't given before I get to a sentence that requires it?

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