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Is there a way to "freeze" my streak for saturday and sunday

since I dont have access to internet

September 22, 2017



Not on the web version, but on the phone apps sometimes a weekend freeze is offered. I just don't know if it is only for holiday weekends, but I did see it on my android before.


It was offered to me on my Android phone this morning for 20 Lingots.


My app (android) sells a "Weekend amulet" - which is like a full weekend streak freeze. You can't always see it in the store though, usually it only turns up after I complete my daily goal for Friday.


I just checked. On my app (Android) the Weekend Amulet is available for sale for 20 Lingots. It's above the Streak Freeze.


Get a lesson done on Saturday at 0:01 (you can begin it at 23:50-55 on Friday), and you can wait until Monday 23:50 to keep your streak, provided you have bought the Streak Freeze. Don't forget to buy another Streak Freeze, if you follow my idea.


There isn't currently, no.

A two day streak freeze, it think, would be an okay idea, but currently there isn't one.

(Not sure about mobile)

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