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  5. "Vy jste malé."

"Vy jste malé."

Translation:You are small.

September 22, 2017



So this refers to the plural 'you', and has to be referring to subjects who are feminine nouns because one wouldn't refer to inanimate male noun subjects (which is the other possibility) as 'you'?


It can be either. It is more likely feminine plural but you cannot tell from the sentence if you are talking to your tables. Most people typically do not, but hey....


I'm gurssing malé is feminine plural here. Am i wrong?


You are correct.

Unless you are talking to castles. "Vy jste malé hrady."


What is the different between "vy" and "ty"?


This is covered by the Tips and notes and by general materials about the T/V distinction https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T%E2%80%93V_distinction

ty - informal singular

vy - formal singular, plural


I believe that this sentence should be changed to "Vy jste malý," as the gender of the plural subjects is ambiguous and by default the masculine gender should be used in cases when in ambiguous cases.


There is no reason to change the sentence. If you are given the English first, then yes, there are different possible translations. But here you are given the Czech first, and there is only one possible tranlation.


Am I the only one that hears the last word as having three syllables?? "malohe"


I also can hear a strange elongation of malé on the slow speed with the female voice. When reporting audio issues, it helps to mention which speed and which voice seem unclear.


In southern English, the plural you can be expressed with "you-all" or "y'all".
If the group consists of more than three and you are referring to everyone in the group, it can be "all y'all".
Y'all may refer to an indefinite set of members of a group, but all y'all definitively includes everyone in the group

I'm joking. Somewhat.

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