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Used to be able to switch base language??

I used to be able to switch over my base language from English to Italian. Has DL removed that feature?

However, it still says on my profile that I'm learning English (which would be my reverse tree- English from Italian- as I already speak English natively) how can I access that? Or at least just delete it off my profile.


September 22, 2017



If you hover over the flag up top, by your user name and streak, it should show you all of your courses if you are at Home or your profile page, but not in the Discussion area.


yeah, it only shows me Italian and German, but on my profile it shows Italian, German and English(my reverse tree) When I hover over the flag it only shows me the 2 from my base language English.


Can you find it by going through here: www.duolingo.com/courses ?


ooh but I cant delete it as its my only course from the Italian Base. okay. thanks anyway, at least I know how to switch


On mobile go to select a new course than look at the foreign wriitng umdertneath and find the one you want to learn from and click on it and it will show you the courses it has from that language


I don't have mobile, I used to be able to do that on my computer. Cant anymore?


I can already switch between Italian and Spanish. sorry cant help


I'm still able to do so. The feature hasn't been removed.

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