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  5. "Eles contam de um a três."

"Eles contam de um a três."

Translation:They count from one to three.

April 2, 2014



Does "de" mean from too? So "de" means from and of. So how do I know what the meaning is?


You know from context. Examples:

Ele é do México - He is from Mexico [here, de is contracted with the article o; de + o = do]

Eu sou a rainha da Inglaterra - I am the queen of England [here, de is contracted with the article a; de + a = da]

Eu adoro suco de laranja - I love orange juice [literally "juice of orange"]


I don't know where else to post, but the audio on hover for "contam" sounds quite off (the 'c' is messed up)

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