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"Kdo byli ti lidé, s nimiž jsi čekal?"

Translation:Who were the people you were waiting with?

September 22, 2017



Why does DL use jenž instead of který everywhere? It's super-formal, nobody uses it in spoken language.


You are incorrect that it is used "everywhere" by DL. It is used in all Czech sentences that teach it. Forms of "který" (and even "co" and sometimes "jak") are accepted in reverse translations. And this course is not intended to show "spoken language" only. Not sure why it should.


Nevertheless it is very bookish even in normal written text. To my ears and eyes it is like transgressives or -ti infinitives.


Neither jenž nor který appears in this exercise. Why is the matter being discussed here? Is the Czech DL sentence here wrong?


"Jenž" is used in the main translation. The form "nimiž" is in the instrumental case, plural and after a preposition.


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