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Problem with: Translate "airplane"

I was just asked to translate "airplane" (not: "the airplane"), so I typed "Flugzeug". This was considered wrong, and I had to type "das Flugzeug". But:

  • airplane = Flugzeug
  • das Flugzeug = the airplane

I couldn't report that with the button (no option for that), and there's no sentence discussion for this type of exercise. Please fix it.

September 22, 2017



Thank you. I've fixed this.


Thank you for acting quickly, Christian.


Could you please fix also the problem with the exercise "the employer"? It accepts "die Arbeitgeberin" and does not accept "der Arbeitgeber". Both of the pictures are shown at the same time. The third picture is "der Koch".


What was the rest of the sentence, or was it just "airplane?"


It was just "airplane", one of the exercises with a picture where you just have to translate the word. That's why there was no sentence discussion.

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