"Jeho teta se snaží příliš nemluvit."

Translation:His aunt is trying not to talk too much.

September 22, 2017

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Although my answer: 'His aunt is trying to not talk to much' was actually a typing error, it is worth noting that in British English the rule of not splitting the infinitive, which only emerged in the 17th/18th century is not increasingly in abeyance.


Agreed. There are a few cases where I've been corrected on a proper english phrase. I believe "his aunt is trying to not talk too much" is completely acceptable.


Could it also mean 'trying not to speak too much' or am i missing something?


I put, "His aunt tries to not talk too much." Please let me know if there is a reason it was rejected! (I know earlier in the lesson we were told that snažit se should be translated as "trying" instead of "tries," but I just got the sentence "Snažíme se to příliš nedělat," as "We try not to do it too much," so I'm just wondering if I got confused somewhere.) Thanks!


"His aunt tries NOT TO talk too much" is accepted. Note the reversal of "to" and "not." Accepted answers tend to keep the parts of the infinitive together, without inserting "not" between them (the Star Trek theme notwithstanding...). But we may make a change at some point.


we have already made the boldly go allowance elsewhere.

unless we want to participate in the english civil conflict in perpetuity, i suggest for us to cowardlily refuse participation in this one, accept whatever will keep OUR peace, and move on to seek more hopeful linguistic civilizations.


Thanks. Got it. Sorry to have ruffled feathers. This was my first time crossing this particular stream.


no worries! i suspect you can see how the unsettled english disputes could feel like an unrewarding waste of time in our efforts.


Ah, I had thought because this had been accepted elsewhere in the course it had been fixed for the rest of the lessons! Thank you, I feel better that at least it wasn't about "tries" vs "trying."

(As a random aside, this course has taught me that I am completely incapable of keeping the parts of the infinitive together, ahaha. I blame my midwest upbringing.)

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