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duolingo not saving daily progress

I'm finally having a good steak and it seems that duolingo is not saving my progress today, not even on my mobile or on the web page.

Is any one else having the same issue?

September 22, 2017



Looks like the site is experiencing some issues. If your progress wasn't saved, just reduce your daily XP limit (to 1XP or 10XP), practice a lesson, and verify that your progress is registered and streak maintained.


I'm also taking the same practice again and again just because Duolingo has stopped saving my progress/ evaluating my mark.


It seems like problems began when a "100xp" challenge was offered about 20:00 GMT. The app went down shortly thereafter then the website, and I too lost some progress. It seems to be back for me.


I have encountered the same problem twice today. After finishing a group of exercises the site will end up with the normal start screen but the expected 10 points for the finished exercises are not added to the daily total and the browser is showing an error message on the address line:



A year later and same problem. Any further help?


I am still having this problem and it's suuuper annoying


It hasn't fixed yet


Today it seems that my points have been split with another person with the same name. If two people have the same first name, then they should use an initial of the last name to keep the identities separate and points allocated correctly. Up until today only one person was listed by my first name. It really seems like Duolngo created a false person with my first name and extreme confusion. I want credit for all of my work!

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