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Do you lose a streak, if it's because of server problems?

Title says it all.

September 22, 2017



Good question! A few minutes ago I was wondering the same thing, but luckily Duolingo is working okay now.


the website continues to malfunction after your post


I completed a Czech lesson and didn't get credit, then did a french and didn't get credit. Now I did it on my phone on the app and all 45 XP appeared. So as stated below make sure to have a "Freeze Streak" Equipped because you never know when the web might malfunction and you lose a streak.

Seems to be working now, but hasn't updated my streak so keep an eye on it.

But yes, you will lose a streak, even if it is the server's fault. Happened to me and I lost 500 days before


I have completed two lessons without getting XP, and have yet to continue my streak. urrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh


finally I got some XP after completing a lesson!


Yes, that's why you always should have a streak freeze equipped and a daily goal of a maximum of 10 xp.


You're right about having a GOAL of 10 xp. Sure, do all you can but don't get stuck with having to do 40 xp with a malfunction website/app.


I lost 133 days due to the server outage.. =/

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