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  5. "Este é um bom negócio."

"Este é um bom negócio."

Translation:This is a good deal.

September 22, 2017



Anyone have thoughts on why "this is a good business" would be incorrect? Is there a nuance to the translation?


I would like to know that also. The dictionaries I looked in give "business" as a translation of "negócio" in addition to "deal" and "business deal"


Yes... "Negócio" may have more than one meaning depending on the context: business, deal, trade, bargain...


This is good business, This is a good deal, This is a good business deal are all the same in meaning. However, this is a good business differs from the others as we are saying that it is the company/business that is good. Is it possible to say in Portuguese - Este é bom negócio, as well as, Este é um bom negócio ?


Could you also translate this as "This is a good business" ?

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