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Hin vs her

I find it rly hard to see the difference between hin und her

U might tell me her means movement towards speaker

And hin means movement away from the speaker

so let me put an example that a narrator is the speaker in this situation: A man in a house is inviting his friend to come in So he would say komm herein as well that the narrator gotta say der freund des mann ist hereingekommen.

As well as another situation: a girl is following a boy so the narrator would say "sie rennt ihm hinterher."

How u gotta explain that? https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11619891$comment_id=21688238 I saw at that comment that her means from origin point and hin means to destination but i couldnt fully master the usage of them yet if someone could give me a better explanation with the words origin as well as their usage thats gonna be great.

September 22, 2017



I'm going to attempt to use my limited German knowledge to break this down logically. As a beginner, the only instances of 'hin' and 'her' that I've seen are in the words 'wohin' (where to) and 'woher' (where from). So, let's think of 'hin' and 'her' as to and from.

Looking at your example 'sie rennt ihm hinterher', I'm deducing by context that 'hinterher' means 'from behind.' So the sentence literally translates as 'She runs from behind him.'

I am a learner too, so take it with a pinch of salt, and hopefully someone with more knowledge can help as well. Would be interested if someone with experience could tell me if I'm on the right track here.


Keeping in mind these two examples could help:

Wohin gehst du?

To-where (wo-hin) are you going?

Woher kommst du?

From-where (wo-her) do you come?

As another user already pointed out, here is the simplified version:

hin = to

her = from


So lemme give u a situation to see whether i got it right or not......my freind is at the hospital and iam waiting him outside so i shouted to him komm herein then he emphasises what i said saying klar ich komme hinaus ......is this right?

And how u interpret heraus aus mein haus .....which means get out of my house

And another thing.....if my freind is outside my house and i wanted to tell him come to me so i can say in to ways which are komm heraus or komm hinein is that right?


So with "Komm herein" If he were INSIDE and you were OUTSIDE. I would say that you would say "heraus" instead of "herein" As for "Klar, ich komme hinaus" that sounds completely correct to me. If you wanted someone to leave your house, you would say "Heraus aus meinEM Haus" you would need to say "Meinem" because "aus" is a Dativ preposition. One could also shorten this to "Raus aus meinem Haus" Heraus ist often shortened to "raus". For your last sentence, one would say "Komm herein" or "Komm rein" this is because "ein" in this case is a sort of preposition meaning "inside" The best way to think of "hin" and "her" is to think of it in archaic English with "forth" and "hither" If you think of hin and her in this way. It makes a lot more sense and it will make it easier to decide which one to use. hin = away from speaker. her = towards speaker. I hope that this thesis helped you out. Thanks for the opportunity to help. :)

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