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advancing in french

I have been stuck on 64% fluency for months. Now every time I make a mistake (even a typo), the "continue" symbol flashes "grading". There is never a grading when I answer correctly. Am I to assume that I will therefore never be upgraded?

September 22, 2017



66 percent is possible. Ok, so it doesn't mean much but, still, I like 66 better than 65!


Since my post, my fluency has steadily increased to 67%!! Maybe it pays to moan!


Me too! I'm going for a 100! LOL


woohoo! 68% I keep track of the date of the last completion of a skill so I can redo a skill before it decays much. After many mistakes redoing the past subjunctive STRENGTHEN test, I moves up to 68%


64-65% seems to be the maximum fluency you can reach at Duo, which means if you learn all you have to learn from this site, your fluency will be at 65% maximum. It's up to you to use other resources to increase your fluency in your target language.


I'm impressed that you made it to 64. I've been stuck at 63 for weeks, but then I only enter maybe 5% of the correct accents, have problems with prepositions, and get tripped up by exceptions to the 'e' noun-gender rule. In any event, having lived in Quebec for almost years in the somewhat distant past, I am aware of how much French is needed, I think that all of what DL has to give is maybe 1% of fluency. Still. I'd like to make it to 64.


Don't be impressed by percentages, just carry on!


artigaujp is right. I am 62% and very, very far from any form of fluency. It is an absurd number to go along with "streaks", lingots/gems and the other things that "gamify" Duolingo, supposedly to increase user motivation. The problem with that is there are people here who have next to nil motivation to learn a langauage, placing all their energy into increasing the numbers so "learning" becomes a by-product (if they are lucky).


Daily practice is important. so the streak number is of some real value.


I know that it doesn't matter but it makes it fun to keep up the points as I know French really well, and English as I'm a native speaker. One way to use this is if you're learning several languages, you go in and complete the strengthen stuff so that relieves the pressure on the others you don't know as well. I hit the sixty six once. I'm finding though that the ones I get wrong are either really fast typos or, things that many others debate. I write quizzes myself so I think this happens when the sentences get complicated and the software must accept several versions of an answer. I like the discussion function because you can go see if others are quizzical over it! It is funny how if you skip one day you lose your five out of five in a given category. Also, the difference between spoken French and written is much larger than in English. Things like the nous vs on conjugation, the ne dropped in everyday speech that isn't as bad as saying 'ain't' in English but here, you have to type it. As always, you have to teach a version of a second language that's synthetic and without too much slang and neutral accent. Duo's version is pretty good. Oh, I shouldn't add this but if you do reverse tree with English to French, you can get a 75 or 76. I've gotten it once or twice.

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