"Ona říká, že František je ten pravý."

Translation:She says that František is the right one.

9/22/2017, 10:57:11 PM


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V rychlé audionahrávce věta zní daleko víc jako "Naříká, že..."

9/22/2017, 10:57:18 PM


does this mean right as in "correct" or directionally right? does pravy mean both?... i thohght itmeant she says he's the one on the right

11/8/2018, 2:14:11 AM

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Well, it can be both. If you have two man standing abreast you can say that František is that one on the right...

It can also be the correct one if he is the correct answer in some quiz...

But normally you would understand "on je ten pravý" like that he is the right one to choose as a romantic partner or husband. I am not sure what is the most common English idiom here.

11/8/2018, 10:02:02 AM

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I think most -- at least in the US -- would say, "František is the one!" or maybe "František is the one for me/her!" But as a translation, that might not work so well coming from ten pravý.

11/9/2018, 4:21:40 PM
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