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What music helps you study?

Obviously, it is easier to study to instrumental music while studying a language. This is the Pandora station I created to provide some background atmosphere while I work my way through the Spanish tree:


What do you listen to while you study?

4 years ago


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I can't really study to music. Maybe it's because I'm a musician, but I pay way too much attention to what's going on in the music to be able to let it passively take place in the background. :'( So much envy.

That said, I definitely do incorporate a lot of target language music into my listening!

4 years ago


I'm very envious of you. I soooo wish I had musical abilities, or even just one musical ability! I love music soooo much, but cannot create it for the life of me!

4 years ago


Well, TOOL is always an excellent choice to put on, but that's a given for me. I'm just a bit obsessed. But aside from that, if I'm studying languages, music in languages other than English are good. Sublime I love cause they throw Spanish in several of their songs. Caress Me Down being the first that pops into mind. Manu Chao is great! He mixes Spanish and Portuguese and English and what I think is French, but not positive. (All I know is wei, merci, bonjour, 1-10, no, maybe a couple more & sure spelling is way off). Anything with Max Cavalera gets me wanting to practice Portuguese.... Soulfly, Sepultura, Cavalera Conspiracy the band Pitty does a song I like in Portuguese and their other stuff may be good as well, but I've just never listened to the rest. The song admiravel chip novo is great and always gets me going a mile a minute with my Portuguese! Some Spanish stuff like Santana or Mana are good, at least some of it!

Pink Floyd is very jam to while studying music for me. Acid Bath or Dax RIggs' solo stuff is great to listen to even studying as his voice is just so beautiful and hypnotic almost, even though acid bath is metal, it's soothing!

String Quartet or Orchestral covers of heavy metal songs are good. I had lots on my external hard drive where all my music is and I cannot get it to work now :( Most of those were Tool or Slayer covers.

Did I mention TOOL? lol

Should have never asked... I love listening to and talking about music!

But can't think of anything else for time being.

4 years ago


If I'm studying Spanish, I play music that reminds me of Spain and other Spanish-speaking areas. I especially love Enrique Granados and Isaac Albéniz...oh, and salsa...lots of salsa!

If I'm studying German, it's Beethoven and Wagner all the way.

4 years ago

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Search on youtube "Ricardo Arjona"

4 years ago


I'm learning French, so basically i just put on Cœur de Pirate and its like instrumental for me because if i dont focus on the language, it doesn't go into my brain (kinda like high school)

4 years ago