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Is Reading First Bad?

I've been learning French for a couple of days now and can almost fluently read and write in the language. When it comes to speaking I am a hot mess. I've heard people say that reading first is less effective. Is this true or does it not matter?

September 23, 2017



After a couple of days? I have been diligently studying French for nearly two years and I am quite far from writing it fluently, though I am at a place where I can read it very comfortably for pleasure and rarely need a dictionary.

At this point I can make myself understood by natives, though it is not always smooth or perfect. This last summer I spoke with a number of people who did not speak any English and we were able to have conversations without too much difficulty, but I am very far from fluent. I think to learn a language you must strengthen all aspects simultaneously. A few days is hardly enough time for that. Give it time. Listen to natives, practice speaking one-on-one, read and learn the grammar structures, and write.

Enjoy! It is a delightful process.


Great answer! Did you take a trip this summer? Learning languages is so the much fun isn't it?


Hey Lento! Yes I did. I went to France for 6 weeks with a short jaunt to Morocco in the middle. Incredible experience!

You are right, I've been having a ball, and being able to use what I've learned in real life was just the icing on the cake.


I have always learned to read and write in a language before I learned to speak it and I found that it was the best method for me. However, don't hold off speaking. Try to speak as soon as you can and whenever you have an opportunity, do speak in French. There's no right or wrong way when it comes to learning a language. Good luck with your studies.


You can learn French better with some tips and resources: http://languagesenrose.tumblr.com/Ultimate%20French%20Resources

Good luck!

Reading, writing, doing whatever will help you advance just be sure to do each of the main things and you will be well-rounded with it.

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