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Japanese Fluency

Is anyone in duoverse fluent enough in Japanese to contribute to the course, if so please do so.

September 23, 2017



I shouldn't complain, but the app isn't very good and the progress on the Japanese for English course on p.c. seems to be stuck at 67%.


I'm sure there are hundreds of people who are fluent and have applied. However, I think Duolingo prefers to have very small teams of contributors.

I'd like to be a contributor for just 24 hours. In that amount of time, I reckon I should be able to fix every single instance where British English words and spellings are currently marked as being incorrect answers. ^_^

I wouldn't even be able to apply though, since I don't class myself as "fluent" or "bilingual". I can read a few thousand kanji; studied around 20,000 Japanese words on the Kotoba-chan app; and enjoy learning classical Japanese grammar. But I still don't consider myself to be "fluent in Japanese" in the slightest.

The contributor requirements are listed on the application form page:



Why? The course is already available on the apps and should be released on the web interface before the end of the year.

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