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Conversation Bots

On the iOS app there are conversation bots where you can "chat" with a bot on various topics and earn XPs. I loved that feature on the app and used it daily, sometimes more. However, it has been a long time since I received a notification for a chat or the option to start a new one. So I guess my question is, is there a limited amount of chats you can have or is Duo slowly phasing out that feature as well?

September 23, 2017



The bots are still there but they are only for a few languages. If you open the app you should see the bots option on the bottom menu icons. I am not sure about notifications though as there are no bots for my main languages. You could check the notifications in the settings menu but otherwise just go into the app and use them.


I know how to access the bots, I am no longer getting new chats.


There is not a limit on bots, I think they have just slowed down making them. I am guessing you have about 45 of them. You are able to repeat bots and try different answers and you will still receive XP. The bots I know of are on French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.


I just counted and I have 41. I don't really care for the XPs, I really liked them because they were a great practice for thinking in French instead of translating like the exercises.


I agree. I finished my French tree before I got to the top level and these bots give me another way to practice the language French to French. I also jumped at the chance to be an Alpha tester for the French bots when Duo asked for people interested in testing them ahead of releasing new bots.

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