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"Den tisíc čtyři sta čtyřicet minut."

Translation:A day has one thousand four hundred and forty minutes.

September 23, 2017



I have noticed on all these number type questions, duolingo does NOT accept the answer when I simply use digits. My reply "A day has 1440 minutes." was rejected. The suggest answer always has some weird kind of syntax, e.g. in this case it was, "A day has 14 hundred 40 minutes." In all these cases I have been reporting the issue as the answer is unatural and my answer should be accepted.

Given that I receive no feedback from these reports, may I ask if a duo-lingo representitive agrees with me? (In which case I will continue answering "wrong" and reporting the issue). Thank you.


Please allow 1440 as correct answer when typing in English.

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