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The completed English-Czech (reverse) tree

What was it? Definitely not boring and with traces of Czech humor. Perfect course to improve my very poor English. I have done it, but with many mistakes, so i have much to do to golden the tree now. This will be a job for my long winter evenings. I think that some sentences could be too complicated for English beginners (for me were too). But they are very useful, i think. They will teach you much more than sentences like „A horse eats rice“. I suppose, that there are more adults than school pupils among students here. I see, the Czech language is very complicated and I admire all those, who try learning that. And one advise for the creators: I am afraid, that the last lesson „What the?!“ will be terrible to finish for English. That is against all the already learned rules (but you can understand Prague people a bit after that). I think, it would be better to place this lesson to the Adds. Thank you all creators. (Sorry for my Czenglish. I am going to improve, i promise).

September 23, 2017

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