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  5. "I am a small, blue thing."

"I am a small, blue thing."

Translation:Jsem malá modrá věc.

September 23, 2017



A reference to Suzanne Vega! Thank you for this, made me happy.


Right back at you. After this prompted rather lengthy disquisitions on how the Czech course is useless (too many nonsense sentences, you guys don't know a thing about teaching languages), I was curious if anyone was tracking. You made my day!

Link to the opposite exercise discussion: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24602364.


Oh, oops. I think having some humour always helps learning, since it makes things memorable. But maybe different people have different preferences.


And different sense of humor and tolerance for boredom, I suppose. I am personally bored with most the traditional course content and would go comatose if I were spending hours on exercises like this has peanuts, that has salt, in endless permutations. I needed to be awake when making the course, so sue me if there are too many unpredictable sentences in it. ;-)

Anyway, cada loco con su tema, or maybe není na světě člověk ten, jenž by se zavděčil lidem všem.


Had to look up zavděčit :D


Thanks to this course and your comments I learnt to know a wonderful song. Thank you.

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