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  5. "Ten den pamatuju."

"Ten den pamatuju."

Translation:I remember that day.

September 23, 2017



"That day I remember". Not sure why this is wrong?


What is the difference between the verbs "pamatovat" and "pamatovat si"?


Si makes it reflexive.


Can you give an example of when you'd use the reflexive verb? I'm just not sure how it translates into English


Have you come across the word se (self, oneself)? Well, si is basically a dative form of it (to/for oneself).

In this case, using si makes a slight difference in meaning, it makes it reflexive ('referring back to the subject of the sentence'). Let me demonstrate:

Ten den pamatuju. = 'I remember that day.', 'I recall that day.', 'I keep that day in mind.', 'I witnessed that day.'

Ten den si pamatuju. = 'I remember that day (for) myself.' 'I recall that day (for) myself.' I keep that day in my mind.'

You may wish to consult the tips & notes sections as well.


So is it correct to translate "I remember that day." as "Ten den si pamatuju." as well as "Ten den pamatuju."? Are these translations pretty much identical?


I see a lot of "na" and "se" used with this verb as well. In what context are these words appropriate?


I and endless_sleeper explain that just above, which particular it you need more thoroughly?

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