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Why is there no "pas" in "Ma tante n'a plus de lait"

September 23, 2017



''Ne........pas'' means ''not,do not'' but ''Ne........plus'' means ''not anymore,no more,no longer,any longer''


The "ne ... pas" formation just means "not", but in this sentence we have "ne...plus", which means "no longer" or "no more". This is because the English translation would be "My aunt has no more milk". This is different from saying "My aunt has no milk", because "no more" implies she did have milk, but she no longer has milk.


Because before she had milk. "Ma tante n'a pas de lait" = She didn't buy milk "Ma tante n'a plus de lait"= She had finish the bottle Sorry I don't speak English very well


you will find there are other negatives in French apart from ne .... plus where ne is not matched with pas. For example ne.......que for only and ne..... jamais for never. Ca va?


Ma tante n'a pas de lait = My aunt doesn't have milk. Ma tante n'a plus de lait = My aunt no longer has milk / my aunt doesn't have milk anymore


Go on google translate and then you'll get your answers


I guess you can say it with a "pas" or not

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