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Ladino, Yiddish for Spanish speakers and Syriac-Aramaic course.

Hello everyone, so as I told you that I am creating revival courses for the endangered languages in this post and I have found a Ladino speaker, a Syriac-Aramaic speaker and a Spanish speaker to help in creating (Ladino course, Yiddish for Spanish course and Syriac-Aramaic course) and if you need the percentages for the progress of these courses, it is as follows:-

  • Ladino course:- 1% (Predicted launch date:- October 15, 2017)

  • Syriac-Aramaic course:- 0% (Predicted launch date:- October 15, 2017)

  • Yiddish for Spanish speakers course:- 35% (Predicted launch date:- October 10, 2017)

Predicted words in the courses:-

Ladino course:- 2500 : 5000 words

Syriac-Aramaic course:- 3000 : 5500 words

Yiddish course for Spanish speakers:- 1600 words (As the Modern Yiddish course for English speakers)

And if anyone wants to contribute to these endangered languages courses, just comment ↓ and the languages are:-

Manx speaker

Hertevin speaker

Manchu speaker

Calabrian Greek speaker

Franco-Provençal speaker

Northern and Southern Sami speaker

Buryat speaker

Breton speaker

Occitan speaker

Kashubian speaker

Mingrelian speaker

Ojibwe speaker

Scots (Scottish English which is spoken in Scotland) and Scottish (Gàidhlig)


Ainu speaker

Navajo speaker

Apache speaker

Dogrib speaker

Sicilian speaker

Low Saxon speaker

Lombard speaker

Romani speaker

Quechua of Southern Bolivia speaker

Or you can check this list and if you found your language comment in here ↓:-


September 23, 2017



I'd love to see a West Flemish/Limburgish/Frisian course! Could you add these?


Well I'd love any native speakers for those languages


I can help with one of these.


Which one daviddb? Flemish/Limburgish/Frisian? If you speak one of these then let's do it man :) My facebook ID is:- shodafayez@yahoo.com Add me as a friend or message me, it doesn't matter


I'm excited about the Syriac-Aramaic course!


Please let me know if you're interested in a "Syriac-Aramaic" course. I'd be more than willing to contribute.

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