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  5. "The crops are plentiful."

"The crops are plentiful."

Translation:수확물은 풍부해요.

September 23, 2017



Hanja for 수확물 are 收穫物


I am asking this out of curiosity and ignorance. Why is posting hanja helpful here? I see it quite often. As a non-Mandarin speaker I am looking for a visual similarity between the hangul and hanja, but see none; are the sounds similar?


You're right it does not help if you don't know Chinese, but for us the meaning and pronunciation is quite similar and does help us a lot.


why can't you use mahnayo (sorry don't have the keyboard) instead of 풍부해요?


What are the crops they are speaking of??


I've only heard about pumpkins so far, so it could also be "The crop/harvest/yield is plentiful."

收穫物은 豊富해요.

Oh, and the sounds are similar enough from Japanese that I can guess, even if I couldn't reliably spell them out in hanja. Shūkakubutsu (収穫物 -- anyone but a computer could tell that's the same) and hōfu -- because the initial k as in kak(u) regularly changes to H in Korean, buts(u) can also be read mots(u) and ts(u) regularly changes to L in Korean, likewise P and B are variations of H/F even in the Japanese sound system, and the final ㅇ regularly got deleted and changed to a long vowel sound in Japanese.


what is the difference between 많다 and 풍부하다?

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