Screen unwinding eternally

When you open the Discussion tab (for example, it is the same on Activity tab and so on...) there are no pages but when you go down to the bottom of the screen it "unwind" next Discussions. If you go down one more time it unwind next Discussions and so on. And you can never reach the footer with the links.. or in other way - you can reach it when all items will be shown but when there are hundreds of itims it will take a lot of time.

I know that in new technologies (I guess HTML 5 but I'm not WEB Developer - only DB dev) this is "nice" feature that is used on many sites but it is very annoying and makes UX going down :/

Every site which has a lot of entries should be cut into pages. The pages numbers to navigate should be on the top and on the bottom of the site. It is the most intuitive. It is old way of cutting long sites but it is the best way :)

We don't have to copy every new idea only because it is new. If it is bad or stupid we should not use it ;)

It is also possible to show 20 results for example and the big button with label "Show next 20". It will add next 20 entries and show the button one more time after the entries and so on... It works this way on the graphics searcher on Google. Of course, the first part of results is extremely long but at the bottom there is a button "Show more results". In our situation it would be quite nice only to show up to 20-30 results I think.

April 2, 2014


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