"Let's make it in four days!"

Translation:나흘안에 만들어요!

September 23, 2017

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I'm partly fluent in Korean, and I've never heard of "나흘", I've always heard of "넷일/사일". If the one I heard more often is the more common term, why teach the one less heard of?


나흘 is the grammatically correct way to count 4 days. 사일 is the lazy way, as my Korean friends tell me.


나흘 is the proper grammatic form of 4 days using the Native Korean system. Where both the number and word for ‘day’ is derived from native origins.

사일 is the proper grammatical form of 4 days in Sino-Korean- the system that has a lot of loan words from Chinese. Here again both, the number and word for ‘day’ is from the Chinese derived Sino-Korean.

For numbers, both systems are used interchangeably. With some preferences given in usage for simplicity or other reasons. For example, the native number system is used when counting animals.

For one day, two days- the preference is the native origin words. For 3 days- onwards, because of simplicity, the Sino-Korean system is often used. And ofcourse there are personal preferences, with some liking to use the native language over the Chinese load words.

넷일 seems to be an informal (lazy?) mix of the two systems and not quite “proper” because you don’t typically match a Sino word with a native word. (넷 being native, and 일 Sino-K).

In short though, Koreans use both. And that is why we are taught the differences and different options of saying the same thing. Duolingo tries to give us the best/firm base when learning a new language. Rather than simply preferring to spoon feed us a short simple course for simple conversational language (best for travel, etc) that most other language sites do. This way we can actually build up our level in the language we want to learn after graduating from Duo because we understand the roots of what we’re learning much better.


Could somebody tell me what -안 means?


Why ”나흘 동안 만들어요" is incorrect?


나흘 동간 - during 4 days 나흘 안에 - within 4 days While the meaning seems the same the words are different. And the later is closer word-to-word translation.


Why is 만들자 not accepted? Did I mispell it?


I have this problem too, I flagged it


Why not this: 나흘 안에 만들업시다


It should be 만듭시다.


Can someone come up witj a hypothetical where this sentence may be used?


When you are learning Korean through Duolingo.


^Lol when in Duolingo...

Also for work or project purposes? Like cheering up your fellow colleagues/team-mates/school mates to meet a specific deadline or finish making some project?


To do some job within four days if it usually takes 5?


"Let's make it in four days" means "during 4 days", or "wait 3 days and then on the 4th day make it"


I'd say within four days, or during those four days. Otherwise it'd be 4(사 )일 후에. Google Translate says just drop the 안에 or use 으로 instead but I'd stick to the Sino-Korean as they get no hits.

"4일에 만들" 5,280 (in four days or on the fourth of the month?)

"4일 만들" 2,330 (more likely the fourth of the month?)

"4일 안에 만들" 564 (within four days)

"4일 후에 만들" 1 (four days from now)

"4일에 늦지 않" 1 (get it done in four days)

"나흘안에 만들" only this page


Can it be 나흘에?

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