changing level

I am finding it tedious going through repeated material that I know. How do I change the level to be more challenging?

September 23, 2017


Congratulations on completing your French skill tree!

You will learn much more French words and more difficult sentences by using the "Strengthen" features.
Here is the link to "Best Way to Make Your Tree Turn Gold and Stay Gold"

Other ways you could improve your French:

Apart from that

  • read a newspaper article every day and try to learn its new words
  • listen to podcasts, watch movies with or without subtitles
  • converse with a native speaker as much as possible
  • write smaller texts, upload them on and let them be corrected by native speakers a.s.o.

There are numerous possibilities. Duolingo will only bring you to an A2/(B1) skill level in reading/writing and A1 (maybe A2) in listening/talking.

Info about language levels:
Read from "Common reference levels".

Good luck.

September 23, 2017

Does anyone know how to access more difficult material?

September 23, 2017

Some people suggest doing the reverse tree in Duolingo, "learning" your mother language from your foreign language (English from French), although you can turn off the pronunciation exercises in your settings. This allows you to learn some different expressions, from another perspective.

September 23, 2017
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