"Is the house empty?"

Translation:집은 비어 있습니까?

September 23, 2017



Why is it "비어" here and not "빈"?

September 28, 2017


빈 is the adjective form.

October 3, 2017


Am doing the placement test. Is -고 있다 the same as -어 있다? I never learned about the second one.

September 23, 2017


For verbs that show a state of condition, like 비다 서다, 앉다, you should add 있다 after conjugating them. This way, it can be understood in Korean that it is in the state of being empty or in the state of sitting. If you just say 나는 앉아 without 있다 it just sounds like "sitting is something I do" vs 나는 앉아 있어요 (I am sitting right now).

September 23, 2017


Ahh id hoped for this to be "bingo" . I guess it still is for the burglars.

September 24, 2017
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