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"We are not taking care of the last tree."

Translation:O poslední strom se nestaráme.

September 23, 2017



In English there is a huge difference between "We don't care about the last tree" and "We are not taking care of the last tree". Both options were marked as correct at different times. The difference becomes more apparent when you think of "I don't care about the baby" (= I'm not interested in the baby) or "I'm not taking care of the baby (tonight)" (= I'm not babysitting the baby tonight). So which one is it?


both :D

czech does not distinguish it. There are other ways to express the distinction but this sentence can mean either.


'My se o poslední strom nestaráme'

That was marked incorrect - does it have to do with the word order? Does 'se' have to stay attached to the verb?


I put "Nestárame se o ten poslední strom" but I'm not sure if was marked in correct because of word order or because I put "ten." I'm almost certain it's not word order because other sentences have started with the verb. Can someone tell me where I went wrong here, please?


Ok, the second time around, I tried "Nestaráme se o poslední strom" and it was marked correct. So that means "ten" made it incorrect. I guess the "the" in "the last" is part of poslední and is never needed?


The incorrect word in your first sentence was "nestaráme". You swapped the two acute accents, so you had two tiny typos there, which probably made it wrong. There is definitely nothing wrong with using the pronoun, it only emphasises the tree (and in this case it sounds better if you use it).


Regarding Typos...

Based on MY experience so far, typos GENERALLY don't result in an "incorrect" answer. They get pointed out, but if the answer is otherwise correct, it's accepted. (For which I'm certainly grateful.)

However.. I THINK that if the typo results in a real word -- Czech or English -- that doesn't belong in the sentence, the translation is considered "incorrect."


I still can't get, where should i use "se zajima" and where "zajima se"


i assume you meant "nestaráme". the "se" must go after the first unit of meaning.

  • Nestaráme se o poslední strom.
  • My se o poslední strom nestaráme.
  • O poslední strom se nestaráme.


Se must be in the second position. See the Tips and notes. Additionally, we also have this article https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/31466920


How about O "se" poslední strom nestaráme. ?


Disclaimer: I am learning, too, so one of the CZ natives on the team may correct or add to my reply...

The "second position" means after the second "unit of meaning" in a sentence or clause. Sometimes that will be the second word, but not always.

Here, the first unit of meaning is "O poslední strom" (of the first tree), not "o"(of) alone, since the preposition by itself doesn't convey much meaning. In an alternative translation -- Nestaráme se o poslední strom -- se does appear in the literal "second position."


Isn't "se" always the secend word in a sentence?


No, it comes after the first unit of meaning. The first unit can be composode of several words. Many words or long subclauses in fact.


"nestarame se o ten posledni strom" .. what is wrong?


I second it. "Nestaráme se o ten poslední strom" should apparently be accepted. Can a native Czech speaker clarify it? Thank you.


Nestaráme se ten poslední strom... is wrong because you are able to put the verb in first position too and the meaning is the same, or am I wrong?


You are missing "o".

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