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"The pretty woman is swimming."

Translation:예쁜 여자가 수영하고 있어요.

September 23, 2017



Why is there 고 with swimming? Isnt is also a verb without and object?


Adding ~고 있다 to a verb (here 수영하다) makes it the present continuous. She is currently swimming.


Why not 수영해 있어요?


Why 수영하고 and not 수영고


수영 alone is a noun


I know it is an never ending question, but I am confused in this specific case. What would be the difference between 예쁜 여자는 수영하고 있어요 and 예쁜 여자가 수영하고 있어요?

As far as I understood, both particles are grammaticaly right, but then it is a "context thing" (depending on what we are focusing on, the topic and subjet and so on). But here - as most of the times with Duolingo - there is no context, so I believe both should be accepted? Or have I got it totally wrong?


Both should be accepted. Report if its continued to be marked wrong.


why is it 여자가 and not 여자는? theres nothing specifying whether she's the subject of the speakers sentence or whether she's simply a person doing an action


What's wrong with "예쁜 여자가 수영을 하고 있어요." This sentence is grammatically perfect.

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