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I'm giving up

Why has my 50 day streak gone back to 1 day when I have 8 hours left today!!!!!??? This has made be completely demotivated and I think I will stop using what was a good learning method

September 23, 2017



Because you didn't reach your XP goal (20) previously. Hence your streak went back to 0.


Fifty days is a bit more than a month and a half. It's not that much time - you can rebuild your streak fairly easily.


Compare that to your streak!


Are you giving up learning French? Why did you want to learn it in the first place?


Are you doing DL for the streak only?


That's what some people are here for - the only thing keeping them going.


I wouldn't be able to force myself do DL solely for the streak, it's a nice enough addition ...


Sorry for my outburst :) you have all put me in my place! No I have been learning for a few years and DL was an extra learning tool. I just felt disappointed. My streak was definitely 50 days not 6 or else I would not have been so rash. I will continue with DL and thank you all for what have mostly been encouraging remarks.


Come on, don't allow yourself to think you can't continue. I think you're strong and you'll recover from this slip. Cheer up, and keep up your good work: Next goal, make it to a 100-day streak!! If you managed to get to 50, you can reach a 100-day streak, no problem. Btw, you could start another tree, to make your journey more entertaining, Duolingo is fun, not a chore!! And hey, just in case buy a Streak Freeze... ;-)


I have definitely cheered up and once again thank everyone for their mostly positive encouragement. It is nice to know there are so many people out there taking the trouble to respond! :) 100 day streak here I come.


I'm happy for you!! And if you feel like, don't forget to write in a future: hey guys, I managed to get to a 100-day streak!! :-)


Bonne continuation!


Always have a streak freeze equipped (and check regularly, to see if you need to buy another).


Mais non! courage! Il faut continuer, vous avez bien travaillé pour arriver au niveau 18!


Hello, do not give up. When I was in hospital I lost more than 200 days. Good luck!


Do not EVER GIVE Up!!!


Bonjour Lisbeth440207,

Je pense que le plus important est ce que vous retirez de ce que vous avez appris, ne vous focalisez pas uniquemnet sur le compteur, ce sera dommage d'abandonner.

Bonne continuation.


I also lost a 40-something day steak and I was kind of upset too, since I learn in fits and bursts most of the time and that took some planned and organized studying to accomplish, but don't be too upset! Streaks can always be rebuilt, and you'll likely be more careful in the next one.

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