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New Lingot Update Notification

Dear Duolingo, today morning when I woke up and logged in into Duolingo, I found 30 lingots credited in my account... Yesterday the figure was 370 and today it's 400. :)

I was confused that whether I should be happy or sad? Because, I gave up my thinking in wondering that should I be grateful for achieving 30 Hexagonal Red Cells without having to put any personal efforts for them, or should I be sad for NOT knowing who that fellow person was who have me these lingots.... :)

So, please admins, I request you to add the option of who gives you the lingots and how many are given by them? Please consider this request seriously, because I do not want to die before thanking that donor who helped me with these money without any sort of selfishness....

Thank youuuuuuuu..... :))))

September 23, 2017



That would be a great option, but however, I see that if someone gave you a large amount of lingots (for example, 30) you'd get spammed with notifications.


No, Duolingo may give the Notification as

XYZ has enriched you with 30 lingots

Case closed, No spamming, just a single Notification :)


I thought about that, but you have to click that "Give Lingot" button a bunch of times.


Yes, that can be a discussion.... Duolingo should give option of how many lingots can be shared....


I think there was a notification like this at some point. I remember getting some about a year ago.


So the moderators may have removed that?

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