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If I buy a streak freeze and I do some duolingo what happens? Do I lose a the streak freeze?

Lets say I buy a streak freeze. Then on the next day still reach my xp goal. Will I lose my streak freeze??

September 23, 2017



No, you have the streak freeze until you miss a day you will lose it but not your streek


It sits until needed. I've had one equipped for two or three years - it's just there.


sweet jesus that's a long streak


Nope. It's always there. Though it seems like you do lose weekend amulets if you don't use them? But yeah, I always have a streak freeze equipped, just to be safe =)


You will keep the freeze until you miss a day of Duolingo.


no, it's still there, it's just whenever you miss a day it will make up automatically for you.

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