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"The snake is wearing a black hat."

Translation:뱀이 검은 모자를 쓰고 있어.

September 23, 2017



Google tells me 쓰고 is the verb "Write" and the given translation when tapping on "Wearing" isn't one of the choices. This is very confusing.


If you're using Google Translate as your main dictionary you're going to have a tough time. Do yourself a favor and invest in a good dictionary. Check Naver dictionary for one of the best free dictionaries online.


Well duolingo also says 쓰고 means "write." Anyway, my point was more that tapping on a word to see the translation for help didn't help because the translation was not an option.

Naver seems good, althout I'll still have to use google to type the korean words first.


쓰고 means write, but you can also use it as 'use', and as the taste 'bitter', and 'wear' when you are talking about wearing a hat! You don't say 입다 when you wear a hat. And, 쓰고 isn't the default form, 쓰다 is the default form. It is a word with multiple meanings.


Do you not have a Korean keyboard? They're pretty easy to install regardless of your device, and it's helpful to learn the keyboard layout.

Naver is awesome because it gives example sentences, Hanja (not sure if you're into that) and has lots of good definitions. I've been thoroughly impressed so far, it works on the web and it's what my wife (Korean) uses to go both directions.

I highly recommend it.

As for Duolingo not having an alternate definition for 쓰다, I agree, it's totally annoying.


You will have to check the word's actual definition page. There's not always a straightforward one to one translation. As with your example 쓰다, it partially covers the English verbs use, write, and wear, but there are also other verbs for all 3 depending on context.


Papago is a good one too.


쓰다 means both to write and to wear. Also I recomend Papago for dictionary


@duolingo: can you explain where in the english phrase it is said that it is only the informal form that i correct? can you please explain why 있어요 is wrong? thank you


anyone from @Duolingo that is going to do something about correcting all the mistakes and lacks??? do you realize you are responsible for missleading people here?


If you find something that should be marked correct, all you need to do is report it.


reported "my answer should be accepted." i wrote 뱀이 검은 모자를 쓰고 있어요 and it said it should have been 뱀이 검은 모자를 쓰고 있어


how is "...모자를 써요" different from "...모자를 쓰고 있어?" i don't understand how the former is wrong


I'm not an expert but I'm 99% sure that "모자를 써요" = "wears a hat" and "모자를 쓰고 있어" = "is wearing a hat". Hope that helps


Im not an expert either but...ding ding ding, youre right!


모자를 써요 is just 'wear a hat', and ...모자를 쓰고 있어 is 'is/are [somebody] wearing a hat'(past tense). I am a native speaker, so you CAN believe me!


over a year and 요 form still not accepted ㅠㅠ 제발... 너무 짜증나


뱀이 검은 모자를 써 is correct too.

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